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What happens after you come pick up my rugs for cleaning?

Between pick-up and delivery, we follow these general steps while your rugs are with us:

  1. Pre-inspection (with documentation)
  2. Dry soil removal
  3. Spot and stain pre-treatments
  4. Fringe preparation
  5. Washing
  6. Rinsing
  7. Additional spot and stain treatments (if necessary)
  8. Initial grooming of pile and fringe
  9. Drying
  10. Additional treatments (protector, deodorizer, moth repellant)
  11. Repair (if requested)
  12. Custom-fit rug padding (if requested)
  13. Final grooming of pile and fringe
  14. Post-inspection
  15. Wrapping (if requested)
Rolled up rugs for storage

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