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How often should I vacuum my rug?

Regular vacuuming will remove the gritty soil that damages rug fibers, which will help extend the overall life of your rugs. Frequent vacuuming helps minimize the amount of dust, pollen, pet hair, and other irritants in your home.

Here’s how often you should be vacuuming:

  • # of Pets + # of Kids = Days Per Week of Vacuuming, Professionally Wash 1-2 Times Each Year*
  • Entry Rugs (High Traffic): Vacuum 2-3 Days Per Week, Professionally Wash Every 1-2 Years*
  • Moderate Use Rugs (Medium Traffic): Vacuum Weekly, Professionally Wash Every 2-3 Years*
  • Light Use Rugs (Low or No Traffic): Vacuum Bi-Weekly, Professionally Wash Every 3-4 Years*

*If you are diligent with your vacuum routine, you can stay on the higher end of the guidelines.

Vacuum an Oriental Rug

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